Courses list for second degree
first semester 2018

Course Name Number of Course Lecturer
Adaptive Singnal Processing 361-2-5151 Dr. Koby Todros
Advanced Computational Methods 361-2-2000 Prof. Mark Auslender
Advanced Computational Methods 361-2-2000 Prof. Mark Auslender
Analytical Methods in Electromagnetics 361-2-5251 Prof. Timor Melamed
Artificial Neural Networks 361-2-5391 Prof. Hugo Guterman
Coding Theory 361-2-6251 Prof. Moshe Schwartz
Department Seminar - Audit 361-2-1010
Department Seminar - Lecture 361-2-1020
Digital Control of Switch-Mode Converters 361-2-2020 Dr. Mor Peretz
Digital wireless Communication 361-2-5901 Dr. Ron Dabora
Integrated Optics and Communication Applications 361-2-5351 Prof. Shlomo Hava
Introduction to Estimation Theory 361-2-6451 Prof. Joseph Tabrikian
Linear Estimation in Dynamical Systems 361-2-5641 Dr. David Levanony
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 361-2-6501 Dr. Tammy Riklin Raviv
Materials and instrumentation in vacuum technol... 361-2-1051 Dr. Ilan Shalish
Multi-User Information Theory 361-2-2061 Prof. Haim Permuter
Nanoelectronics 361-2-6021 Dr. Ilan Shalish
Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition-Statist... 361-2-5651 Prof. Mayer Aladjem
Nonlinear Optics 361-2-1050 Prof. Amiel Ishaaya
Optical Comunications Networks 361-2-5571 Prof. Dan Sadot
Optical Holography and Diffraction 361-2-6371 Prof. Joseph Rosen
Pattern Recognition 361-2-5321 Prof. Mayer Aladjem
Selected Topics in Image Processing 361-2-6291 Prof. Stanley Yisroel Rotman
Speech Recognition 361-2-6331 Prof. Ilan Shallom
Stochastic Processes 361-2-6011 Dr. Koby Todros
Thesis 361-2-7777
thesis 361-2-6001