CubeSat Community Website

Supervisors Information

                  Prof. Hugo Guterman

Students Information

                    Matan Havi

                    Itamar Hoshmand



Project Abstract

Pico-satellites are typically considered to be small satellites, weighing approximately 1 kilogram.                                   
The small size and weight allow these satellites to be fabricated and launched cheaply, yet advances
 in microelectronics allow the pico-satellites to have sophisticated on-board computers, data gathering
 sensors, and capable radio communications systems.

The objective of this project is to develop BGU's first pico-satellite (BGUSAT).
The satellite will be based on the CubeSat architecture. The students working on
 this project will be responsible of dealing with a broad range of aspects which includes:
 Attitude Determination and Control (ADCS), power systems, telemetry and integration.