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Curiculum Vitae updated on May 2022

Date & Place of Birth: Haifa Israel, 1937
Rank: Full Professor (Tenured)
Marital Status:Married, 4 (adult) children

Present Position:

(March 1973 to date) Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev, Beer-Sheva 84105, P.O. Box 653, Israel.


B.Sc. (Nov. 1964); 
M.Sc. (May 1967); 
Dipl. Ing. (March 1970); 
D.Sc. (Nov. 1972)
All from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (IIT)
Haifa, Israel.

 Research Interests: Microelectronics: physics, technology and new process development of semiconductor electronic materials and devices. CVD of silicon-germanium heteroepitaxial layers; OM-CVD of GaAs, and related III-V semiconductors and their characterization. Ion-beam sputtering of indium tin oxide (ITO) layers on various substrates under various deposition conditions; optimization and characterization of their electronic and electrooptical properties. Photovoltaic devices development and characterization. Optical and material properties of ion implanted silicon; determination of critical parameters such as threshold dose and amorphization dose by reflectivity measurements. Fabrication and detailed characterization of devices made in ultra-clean technology (Super Clean Rooms). Fabrication of high integrity ultra thin SiO2 and Si3N4 films at 400oC using microwave excited high density plasma. Fabrication of silicon based electronic materials and devices at low temperature. ýSilicon light-emitting devices(Si-LEDs) made by standard IC process in order to produce fully integrated all-silicon monolithic optoelectronic circuits and systems.

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