Homepage of Mark Auslender

I am a Researcher and Adjunct Full Professor at

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, PO Box 653, 84105 Beer Sheba

   marka@bgu.ac.il      + 972-8-6461583      + 972-8-672949

M. Sc. Ac. cum laude in Theoretical Physics - 1972, Ural State University, USSR

Ph.D. in Solid State Theory - 1977, Institute of Metal Physics, Ac. Sc. of USSR

Senior Researcher in Solid State Physics - 1989, Ac. Sc. of USSR Certificate

Curriculum Vitae and Full List of Publications

Research Fields and Relevant Papers

Diffraction Gratings


Strong Correlations and Magnetism

Magnetic Semiconductors and Colossal Magneto-Resistance Materials

Spin Dynamics and Excitations

Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics

 Courses Taught and Instructed

Advanced Computational Methods, Course (for Engineering Postgraduate, Semester A, 2013-2018)

Special Topics in Electromagnetism (for Electro-optical Engineering, Semester A, 2010-2012)

Introduction to Computational Methods (for Software Engineering Semester A, 2001-2011)

Introduction to Computational Methods I and II (for Electrical Engineering, Semesters A, B, 1993-2007)

Introduction to Semiconductor Electronic Devices  (for Electrical Engineering, 1998-1999)