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Nanoelectronics Group

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Semiconductor Nanowires

The term "nanowire" is mostly used today to refer to crystal fibers (typically monocrystals) of nanometer scale diameter and micron scale length. Nanowire research was originally propelled by the quest for a quasi-one-dimensional quantum structure for laser diode applications. In the early 90's, it was shown that semiconductor whiskers could be grown at the nanometer scale, and this method has gradually been recognized as a means to achieve control over material structure for a variety of nanometer-scale applications. While the whisker growth mechanisms have been long established, unexpected material properties are often encountered at the nanometer scale. A new realm of structure dependent properties is now explored, which may lead to a new class of electronic devices.

Besides their promissing future as a nanotechnology building block, nanowires prove to be an excellent model for the study of stucture controlled material properties.

We grow, characterize, and study affects of smallness on physical properties of semiconductor nanowire, and nanowire electronic and photonic devices.